The History Of Silver Mountain Station

Once upon a time, a bustling railway station located along the Pee Dee Railway line called Silver Mountain Station was a major transportation hub for miners, First Nations people, lumberjacks, politicians and many others that passed through the station. To learn more about the history of the Pee Dee Railway, visit the Port Arthur, Duluth and Western Railway website.

Lady Lumberjack

The Station was many things to many people. Canada’s legendary “Lady Lumberjack” Dorothea Mitchell called the Station her home. Dorothea resided at the station for 6 years running the post office, general store, railway stop and the saw mill. She was a feisty independent women who fought the system and won becoming the first unmarried woman to be granted permission to own a homestead in Ontario.

Lady Lumberjack - Dorothea Mitchell at Silver MountainLady Lumberjack: Dorothea Mitchell at Silver Mountain is her original book published in 1967. Out-of-print for many years, it is now reissued as part of the renaissance of the historic Silver Mountain and area, including Dorothea’s home for seven years, the Silver Mountain Station, on the former Port Arthur, Duluth & Western Railway (PeeDee Railway) which operated 1893-1938.

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Canadian Film Maker

After Dorothea left the Station and moved to Port Arthur in 1921, she focused on her film career and became one of the first female Canadian Film Makers in history. Her work has been archived at the Port Arthur Amateur Cinema Society. Additional information can be found on

She was also the author of a Canadian best seller entitled “Lady Lumberjack,” a book that goes into fascinating detail about her experiences and life at Silver Mountain Station.

Silver Mountain Station Has Become One Of Northern Ontario’s Tourist Attractions

Silver Mountain Station is now a historic railway, the only remaining station left on the Pee Dee Railway. To this day the Station still houses historic photographs and newspaper clippings of it’s impressive past on the walls inside the rustic building. The Station has been converted into a casual fine dining restaurant that is managed by yet another feisty woman who knows how to get the job done by the name of Shelley Simon. Shelley is a red seal chef that has brought her culinary talents to the station and has also helped bring the Station’s rich history alive by bringing historians and authors together to help highlight the past and celebrate the future.

To learn more about the history of Silver Mountain, please visit the Silver Mountain & Area Historical Society.