Frequently Asked Questions

I heard that your chef Shelley Simon is a certified Red Seal Chef, what does that mean?
Red Seal certification is the highest level of government endorsement available in the culinary industry. A chef enrolled in the Red Seal program must complete 3 levels of training and certification. Shelley isn’t just a burger flipper… she’s a culinary genius!

Do you serve wild game meat?
Catering to your wild side is just another one of our many specialties! Check out our menu choices here.

Is wild game healthier than other meat?
Wild game is leaner than other meat because wild game animals are more active and carry less fat. Game meat has an average of one-third less calories and less saturated fat.

I don’t like wild game, do you specialize in any other dishes?
Yes we do. Another one of our specialty dishes that we’re known for is our famous prime rib dinner. We also serve smoked ribs, fish, pub style food and many other mouth-watering choices.

Does your restaurant cater to children?
We sure do! If your little one can’t find something that appeals to them, we have a secret stash of kid friendly food that we can whip up in a flash.

Someone told me that I can bring my own bottle of wine out to Silver Mountain Station Restaurant… is that true?
We are pleased to announce that we now allow our patrons to bring in their favourite bottle of wine out to the station. We do charge a corking fee, but our corking fee is one of the lowest fees in the Thunder Bay area.

What types of activities can I do out at Silver Mountain Station?
As long as it’s legal… you can do it!

  • 4×4 with your ATV
  • Snowmobile on our huge trail system
  • X-Country ski
  • Snowshoe
  • Dogsled
  • Horseback ride

We have a huge parking lot that can accommodate your ATV’s, snowmobiles or horses. The station is a great place to drop off your machine if you’re meeting with a group of people before heading out for a ride.

Someone told me that I can apply for a remote border pass if I live in the U.S and would like to travel across the border. Where can I find information on that?
Check out this link…it has all the information you’ll need – Remote Area Border Crossing (RABC) Permit

Can I book a family party out there?
Yes. As long as you leave loud Uncle Fred at home!

Can I book a Murder Mystery Dinner Event?
Our murder mysteries are to die for! We can cater to any theme night or event. Just call the station for more information.

Do you cater to family events?
Yes we do. Some of our most popular bookings include:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Engagement Parties
  • Surprise Parties
  • Craft Get-Togethers (Quilting, Painting, Sketching, Writing)

Do you cater to business events?
If you’re looking for a business meeting room, Silver Mountain Station is a great place for a day retreat for any causal business function. You can concentrate on your agenda in our warm, rustic atmosphere and leave the catering up to us!

If you have more questions about our catering services, please feel free to give us a shout at the Station.

Horseback Riding – Do you have horses that I can ride at SIlver Mountain Station?
We don’t have horses out at the Station, but our friends at Tenkula Farm do. Their Silver Mountain Station Ride packages are popular. Their package consists of a 5-hour ride that starts at Tenkula Farm and winds through our picturesque mountain trail. When your tour is over, your guide will lead you over to Sliver Mountain Station where you’ll find a tasty lunch waiting for you. Check out their packages here

Do you charge trail fees for ATV use?

What are your hours of operation?
Winter Hours 

      Thursday & Sunday 12pm- 8pm

       Friday & Saturday 12pm –  9pm

Summer Hours 

  • Monday – Wednesday: 2pm – 8pm
  • Thursday – Sunday: 12noon – 9pm