Silver Mountain Mud or Bust


The Mud Bogs are starting out to be a great success!

This was an event event I always wanted to have here at the Station. I was always talked out of it, but eventually I was introduced to the right person. Threw Shana, my front of the house manager. Shana and her husband got together and put it all together. We had lots of help from friends of the group. they worked hard to help us put this together. A Big thanks to all of them!!!!!. 

Our first event on August 9,2014, was fantastic. It all came together in the last few days prior to the event. Equipment problems, rain, and finding water for the bogs. The guys all worked madly in the last couple of days, fixing equipment, pulling water from the creek, and hoping we could get enough water to make the bogs.  And then wondering if anyone was going to even come.

The day of the event the place was packed, a successful day!

August 30, and 31, 2014 is our first weekend event. Now we have bleachers, food trucks, vendors, and overnight rough camping. can’t wait to see how this all rolls out.


I see little bits of it here and there, the snow. Talking about the snow, the OFSC people are already out looking for new trails, they now have another groomer guy, much needed. They have been cutting brush, clearing trails, getting ready for the winter snow fun. You can buy your trails pass on line, or here at the station. Good to get before December 1st, you save $50.00. Lets ride and have some fun this year!!

About the Menu

I have been to many food conferences exploring unique and different dishes to put together for the station. I have come up with some really special items for the menu. Berkshire pork, wonderful lamb products, and a unique kind of Caesar Salad…a grilled Caesar salad!

I have been successful discovering some absolutely wonderful gluten free products to put together for the menu. So… if your gluten free, this is the place to be. Along with the food, kitchen equipment will be gluten free as well. One deep fryer will be used only for gluten free cooking, and the use of our Oasis146 sanitizer will ensure there bill be no cross contamination.

About the Menu

As usual, I was taking Prime Rib off of the menu for the fall and winter season. But, due to many request, I have decided to keep it going. Every Saturday nite starting at 5pm, with all the fixings. Along with that the Prime Rib French Dip will stay on the menu as well.