Mud Bangers

  • Saturday June 13th & Sunday June 14th, 2015 – 12noon –  6pm
  • Saturday September 5 2015 – 12noon – 7 pm

Registration at 9am for all drivers.


Racing Classes


  • Any lift
  • Up to 40″ tire size allowed
  • Any engine modifications allowed, except non-OEM brand cylinder heads. Must pull 15″Hg vacuum at 800 rpm
  • Cut out fenders and hood only, only
  • Engines must match the truck ….chevy truck…..chevy engine
  • No superchargers or turbos unless stock
  • No nitrous/paddle tires/tractor tires/cut tires allowed
  • NO cut tires


  • Any lift
  • Any tire size
  • Any engine modifications allowed. Must pull 12″Hg vacuum at 1000 rpm
  • No superchargers or turbos unless stock
  • No nitrous/paddle tires/tractor tires allowed
  • No cut tires


  • Any lift
  • Any tire size
  • Any engine modifications allowed
  • No superchargers or turbos unless stock
  • No nitrous/paddle tires/tractor tires allowed
  • No cut tires


  • Bring what you got, hope you brought enough!

Powder Puff

  • Only those women who are NOT racing in the above classes (Saturday or Sunday) are allowed to run Powder Puff. Powder Puff will only run on Sunday

Important: All trucks must be inspected and vacuum tested between 8am – 10am on Saturday before registering in any of the above classes

Sunday’s inspection and vacuum testing (8am – 10am) will be fore those who did not race on Saturday.

All drivers will be put into the timing system computer for 10am. Please be sure your vehicle is inspected by cut off at 10am or you will be unable to run in that days Race.

Vehicle will be checked to be sure everything is secured in and on vehicle, safe/secure spot for choker to be attached etc.

Silver Mountain Mud Bangers Rules & Regulations

  • All drivers & pit crew must wear the designated colored wristbands specific to the pit area only. Only those wearing these designated colored wristbands will be allowed in the pit area.
  • All drivers must wear their seatbelt and DOT approved helmet during entire run.
  • All drivers MUST drive safe and sober. Spot checks will be made.
  • Absolutely no alcohol allowed in the pit at any time. No exceptions -you will be removed from the event.
  • All drivers MUST attend the drivers meeting.
  • EVERYTHING must be secured in and on the vehicle. No loose debris.
  • Drivers will conduct themselves & their vehicles with the utmost caution & care at all times.
  • No alcohol and/or drugs allowed. Drivers will be responsible for themselves and their pit crew. Spot checks will be made.
  • No person wearing a VIP (Driver) or Pit Pass bracelet will be served alcohol. You may exchange your wristband for a regular spectator wristband if you choose to drink, but you will NOT be allowed back into the Pit Area.
  • There is Zero Tolerance at this event. There will be no warnings. If one person in your group screws up, your entire group will have to leave the event.
  • Speed limit of 5 mph will be enforced.
  • Double entries allowed (must have 2 drivers) but the truck will only place in one position. Only one payout, per truck, per class. Vehicle will run with a minimum of three vehicles in between runs, in order to allow for cool down/maintenance.
  • All drivers must remain in the vehicle with helmets on during towing.
  • Only the driver is allowed in the vehicle at any time during the run, including staging and returning to pit area.
  • All vehicles must self stage.
  • No vehicle shall run without the OK from the official in charge.
  • ONCE YOU ARE STUCK, continuing to spin up the track or using reverse will result in IMMEDIATE disqualification.
  • All drivers agree that the officials can and will make judgements on a vehicle class status at any time during the race, regardless if it is specifically stated in the class information.
  • You MUST take your 1st and 2nd run if vehicle is capable (good working order).
  • Each driver will be responsible to provide a safe and secure spot for a choker to be attached (a trailer hitch ball is NOT a secure spot).
  • Any vehicle running a transbrake, must have a Transmission Blanket, Scatter Shield, or Transmission Shield. Must also have driveshaft loops.
  • All trucks must remain in the Pit Area until the driver is done racing for the day.
  • Entry fee for all classes is $40.00 PER DRIVER.
  • Pit Crew must be $8.00 per day AT THE TIMING TRAILER, and sign a waiver. Only 2 pit crew allowed PER TRUCK.
  • All drivers must have a VALID (minimum) G2 License (must be shown to registration staff upon registering to race)
  • Waiver agreement must be signed. All under the age of 18 must have parent(s) signature on Waiver Agreement

Upon paying the entry fee of $40.00 you agree to abide to ALL of the above Rules & Regulations